15 fantastic resources for Android, iOS and Windows Phone design

General app tutorials

1. The developer's guide to mobile frameworks

Mobile app consultant Jonathan Stark is the author of two iPhone and Android development books. Here, he explains his process for determining the best development approach for an application and discusses the best tools available.

2. How to design for 'touch'

Fingers and thumbs turn desktop conventions on their head. Interaction designer Josh Clark explains what you need to keep in mind when designing for touch-sensitive screens. Includes a comparison of finger-friendly touch interfaces for iPhone, iPad and Android.

3. How to build a killer mobile game

Simon Duke, senior UX consultant, and Mark Westwater, senior usability consultant of User Vision, explain some of the key constraints to gaming on a smartphone and highlight the key attributes of a successful game.

App tutorials: Learn the secrets of killer games like Fruit Ninja.

App tutorials: Learn the secrets of killer games like Fruit Ninja.
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4. Getting started with PhoneGap

In this excerpt from the PhoneGap Beginner's Guide, Nitobi/Adobe's Andrew Lunny goes over the biggest roadblock developers find with the mobile development framework: getting started and building simple apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

5. How to prepare an application for distribution

Creating an application can be extremely exciting for any developer. But before you get your application published, you need to get it ready. iOS and Mac developer/designer Daniel Bramhall explains the nitty gritty.

6. How to market the hell out of your mobile app

Developers can be shy when it comes to promoting their work. Here Craig Lockwood, lead iOS developer at Huw David Design, provides 10 tips to help you stand out from the crowd and get your apps noticed. As app tutorials go, this is essential know-how.

App tutorials: Marketing your app is essential for success. But how do you do it?

App tutorials: Marketing your app is essential for success. But how do you do it?
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App tutorials for Android

7. User interface design for Android apps

Android apps can be just as beautiful as their iOS counterparts. Richard Leggett, co-director of Bitmode Ltd, digs deep into the styling and theming and explains how to use just XML and image files to add a fresh look and feel to your app.

8. How to automate your Android app testing

Don't trust humans to do all of your testing. Not even experts. John Senner, Koa Metter and Emory Myers of MokaSocial reveal how to delegate the dirty work.

9. Amazing Android development tips

Android promises many exciting opportunities. Kevin McDonagh, director of Android development consultancy Novoda, rounds up 10 essential tips that will help you make the most of your development time.

App tutorials: Discover 10 amazing tips for Android development.

App tutorials: Discover 10 amazing tips for Android development.
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App tutorials for Apple iOS

10. User interface design for iPhone apps

If you haven't realised by now, designing for iOS devices is totally different from designing for the web. Sarah Parmenter explains how to create the perfect user interface for your app.

11. How to build an iPad app with Sencha Touch

Learn how to create a web app that feels native on the iPad and other mobile devices, using the Sencha Touch library. Robert Douglas of mobile design specialists ribot, explains the what, where, why and how.

12. How to design an iPad app UI

In this tutorial, Apposing's Dave Brown shows you how to create two basic user interfaces for an iPad app and develop them to a prototyping level.

App tutorials: Watch Dave Brown as he constructs an iPad-friendly design.

App tutorials: Watch Dave Brown as he constructs an iPad-friendly design.
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13. How to design iPad apps for pre-school kids

Pre-school kids can be a tough audience. Alex Morris, the creator of the Spelly iPhone/iPad app, reveals how to design applications for them that will hold their fragile attention.

14. How to build a simple iPhone arcade game

This tutorial is about turning an idea into a useful concept and transforming that into something tangible - in this case, an app. Get to grips with ActionScript 3.0, learn the in's and out's or the Google Static Map API and integrate Adobe AIR into your workflow.

App tutorials for Windows Phone

15. How to build your first Windows Phone 7 app

Just the one so far. But it's a great way to get started with Microsoft's Metro UI-based Windows Phone 7 OS. From discovering the rich toolset, to writing XAML and C#, Microsoft MVP Michael Crump has everything covered.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Check back regularly for more app tutorials.

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