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3 apps you need in your web design toolbox

We've all got our favourite text editors, opinions about Photoshop and stance on Illustrator. In short, we're all got our personal toolset which we stick to.

Could you be missing out on something though? We caught up with Andy Beaumont - Co-founder and CTO at Hactar - and asked him which apps he simply can't work without.

01. Trello

You can use Trello for almost anything – Kanban, mood boards, client approval, competitor analysis, UAT and even a CRM. The real-time aspect makes it an incredible tool for remote working. I'd even suggest it's better than being in the same room.

02. Sketch

Sketch is not a photo-editing tool with some screen design features bolted on as an afterthought. It's not made by Adobe so it doesn't fill your computer with crap you never asked for. It is a tool designed from the ground up for screen design, and it's wonderful.

03. Marked 2

We do all our document creation in Markdown – lightweight text files, readable to humans and computers. Clients, however, often like to have PDFs, so we use the magnificent Marked 2 to generate client docs from our Markdown files.

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