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The 5 building blocks of interaction design

Download this free book today

Download this free book today

Interactions are the conversation between your product and the user — is your design charming enough to hold the user’s interest, or will they walk away to find something more interesting?

In their free pocket guide The Building Blocks of Interaction Design, the team at UXPin covers the fundamentals of interaction design, the best practices for applying them, and a prototyping tutorial to put the knowledge to practice.

This quick 31-page guide is a crash course in interaction design, wasting no time in explaining topics like:

  • Usability advice helpful to any interaction design
  • The documentation necessary for more goal-driven designs
  • Practical advice for improving learnability
  • The best approaches to feedback, and the ideal response time
  • A conversational approach to improving interaction design
  • Useful visual cues to communicate an element’s interactivity

Download this free e-book now.

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