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Sustainability site is a scrolling delight

Good web design is always about the experience; as soon as you stumble upon the page, you should be blown away by what's showcased and walk away with the site ingrained in your creative mind. This new site Every Last Drop does just that.

While in general parallax scrolling stands in danger of becoming an overused device, its clever use here offers a simple but delightfully unexpected experience - give it a try and you'll soon see what we mean. (In case you're wondering, the effect has been created by Skrollr.js, a stand-alone parallax scrolling library available on Github that offers "parallax scrolling for the masses".)

Animation studio Nice & Serious were the perfect choice for the site design, as they primarily focus on creating work to promote sustainability issues. Whether communicating on environmental, ethical, social, health or development matter, they’ll help tell your story.

The site highlights how much water is used for everyday situations

The site highlights how much water is used for everyday situations

With creative support from the entire Nice & Serious team, web designer extraordinaire Peter Larkin built a fun, interactive parallaxing website based on a day in the life of an 'average Joe'.

Through this quirky little character, going about his daily tasks, the viewer is able to learn more about how water is wasted in our lives, often without us realising it. The website concludes in a short animation about how to save water, again created by the Nice & Serious team.

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