Interactive fish infographic is a reel treat

True Fish Tales infographic

The infographic puts a spin on the traditional fisherman's 'tall tales'

A lot of infographics (opens in new tab) float by us at Creative Bloq, but True Fish Tales (opens in new tab) really hooked us in. It plays on the idea that fishermen are famous for telling tall stories by bringing together some amazing 'true tales' of the monsters that lurk beneath the sea. What sets it apart is its smooth and user-friendly interactivity, which makes discovering the content a fun and entertaining experience.

The infographic was put together by Brian Maier (opens in new tab) and Mark Shelton (opens in new tab) of Kentucky agency DBS>Interactive (opens in new tab) as part of an ongoing effort to add fresh content to United Marine website.

Interactivity of True Fish Tales infographic

Click on a highlighted area of the map to learn about the monstrous lifeforms that exist there

"Our goal was to create a truly interactive infographic as a main focus for content," explains DBS>Interactive's John Lewis. "So in addition to creating hotspots and animations, we added an option for users to add their own information, which we will verify and add to the infographic."

Maier and Shelton used a combination of CSS3 and JavaScript to build the infographic. "Many of the animations and graphics are handled with CSS3," Lewis continues, "but they used JavaScript in some places to accommodate for older browsers that do not yet support this technology.

Mekong Giant Catfish measures up

Plans are afoot to expand the infographic into a major fish-fact resource

JavaScript is used to position the pins on the map. "We used JavaScript here to allow us to scale the map to fit different browser sizes. The menu icons, when scaled to mobile, use CSS3 media queries to target high resolution devices and swap the icon images with larger, more detailed icons. The slideshow animations and 'page' transitions are handled with a combination of CSS3 and JavaScript."

The infographic has been designed responsively, so it works well on mobile browsers as well as desktop computers. DBS will continue to develop it in future, adding more factual information and pictures about the various species. "In the end, we’d like it to be a mix between a Fish Encyclopedia and the Guinness Book of World Records."

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