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Free ebook on designing mockups

Download this free ebook today!

Download this free ebook today!

The new ebook Building UI Mockups Developers Don’t Hate explains how to close the gap between design and development. The two disciplines have often been thought of as separate entities occurring one after another, but everyone’s job is easier when both sides are aware of the nuances that can turn into disasters.

As part of their free online library, the wireframing and prototyping app UXPin writes about how UX and UI designers can work side-by-side with developers to create mockups and other forms of functional design.

This 35-page guide uses an easy, straight-forward style to explain the theory and best practices for a less painful design workflow. Compact and practical, this ebook covers topics such as:

  • Mockup guidelines and best practices
  • Development constraints that can kill your design at the 11th hour
  • How to follow good visual hygiene so less details get lost in translation
  • The best Photoshop & Sketch plugins to facilitate designer-developer collaboration
  • What empathy truly means in the design process
  • The pros and cons of browser mockups
  • 20 resources to make any design more buildable

Take a look and feel free to share it if you find it helpful.

Download this free ebook now

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