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Get WordPress running in just two clicks

A new app called Hobo is set to revolutionise how developers test websites before they're uploaded to servers and released.

Hobo is based on Vagrant – a free tool that lets you create virtual machines on your Mac. With the VM running you can develop and test locally as opposed using a real web server.

Quick and simple

Vagrant – if you're technical – is comparatively easy to set up. If you're not familiar with a Terminal window, it can however feel very daunting indeed.

Hobo is set to flatten Vagrant's learning curve. For example, with Hobo, developers can capture their environment settings, wrap them up, and pass them easily to designers. The designers – who might be working in HTML, or creating a full WordPress theme - can then, with just two clicks, build the same environment on their Mac.

Hobo is made by the people behind VirtualHostX. Like it, Hobo sits on top of all of the complexities that you may not understand, or simply not want to fool with.

Words: Martin Cooper

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