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Slick site offers inside access to McLaren

This year marks 50 years of iconic British sports car manufacturer McLaren. To mark the occasion, its opened it doors to the world with this gorgeous website, McLaren Automotive, which offers a unique insight into the operations of the company.

Designed by the team at interactive marketing agency SapientNitro, the site allows petrol heads everywhere to explore the creation of various designs, including the iconic McLaren F1.

"The platform explores how technology might just be able to enhance the thrill of owning and driving one of the most advanced cars on the road," says SapientNitro's creative director Thomas Moeller.

Customiser tool

It also enables users an up-close-and-personal look at various McLaren models, as well as the opportunity to create their your own bespoke designs using the customiser tool.

Here you can see your favourite luxury car in the colour of your choice, sample wheel types and browse through various interior designs, as well as explore a 360 degree view within the Southern Spain countryside.

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