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New Google redesign concept breaks cover

New Google redesign

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No logo design is sacred, but it is still a brave creative who attempts a redesign concept of any of the top brands. However, with Google's redesign of Motorola still on everyone's lips, web and graphic designer Ayman Shaltoni has given the ubiquitous search giant a taste of its own medicine with this redesign.

As well as a new logo in the Casper typeface, Shaltoni has utilised the famed four-colour scheme in the search button drop-down and the candy-stripes of the mobile screen. The fully-responsive concept has also cleaned up the page furniture by losing the top bar and placing Google's many applications in a slider near the foot of the page, the position of which will be more familiar to anyone who uses the Chrome browser.

As usual with these concepts, there will be two extremes of criticism - those who think things are best left alone and those who believe in clean-sheet redesigns - and plenty of views in between. Give us your thoughts in the comments below; we'd love to hear them.

See more from Shaltoni on his Behance page.

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