The payment site with a hidden ASCii arcade

Braintree is a payment site. It lets businesses take in cash and customers spend it, the latter with just one touch.

So far, everything is as you'd expect.

There is however more to the site than meets the eye. Here's how to find a hidden Easter Egg: some classic arcade games that have been given the ASCii art treamemt.

Here's how to find the games...

Step 1 - Right click on the Braintree site and click View Source. Now cut the the URL and the circular token to your paste buffer (scroll down to reveal more tokens)

Step 2 - Paste your token into a new browser window and hit enter. And there you go - a classic arcade game waiting to be enjoyed!

In all, there are four classic games waiting to be discovered - Deployer, Algorithmoids, Incumbator Invanders, and Knocker.

Words: Martin Cooper

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