ReadWriteWeb gets tablet-first redesign

The blog has been designed to work cross-platform, with a specific focus on tablet devices

The media world is still be reeling from last week's announcement that Newsweek will be closing its print version and going digital-only. But it's not just dead-tree publications that are being affected by the tablet revolution - it's happening to online publications too, with technology and web design blog ReadWriteWeb being the latest to launch what it calls a "tablet first" redesign.

"Instead of starting with a PC and browser as our reference and then scaling that design down to mobile devices," explained new editor Daniel Lyons, "our designers and engineers used mobile as a starting point and worked out from there."

The new design is clean and uncluttered, with a strong use of images

The new design, which has been designed to work responsively across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, is clean and uncluttered, with strong emphasis on images and clear navigation. We also like the subtle scrolling effect as you move down the homepage on desktop.

The site, which was bought by SAY Media last year, has been rebranded as 'ReadWrite', and given a whole new domain, with older posts been transferred over wholesale.

Check out the promotional video here:

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