The shocking cost of visiting a website

As the web matures and sites become more fluid, traditional performance metrics such as page weight and load times are seeing their relevance recede.

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Page weight might be unfashionable but it's far from irrelevant. That's because the web isn't free. Accessing data costs, and the costs of that access veries greatly across the globe.

A new site called What Does My Site Cost? looks to explore how much access costs as you move from country to country. To use the site, simply enter your project's URL. The results are fascinating and enlightening.

This site was made by Tim Kadlec, a web developer from Wisconsin. Explaining the idea behind the site, Kadlec said: "We've always sort of guessed that sites could be a little expensive in some areas, but other than a few helpful people tweeting how much certain sites cost while roaming, there wasn't much in the way of hard data."

The true, local cost of data varies greatly as you move around the world

Kadlect's site draws economic data from the International Telecomunications Union and The World Bank.

Words: Martin Cooper

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