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Studio site is a black and white delight

dn&co is a creative studio based in London, working across branding, print, digital and exhibitions. It has very stripped back, neutral branding scheme, which predominantly uses black and white and Helvetica Neue.

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The studio's site is visually very striking. It is completely greyscale, with the only addition of colour coming from hover states and case study photography. This contrast creates an attractive dischord for the user as they browse.

The site has an unapologetically large, fixed background image of dn&co's logo. I love this brash branding as it shows confidence in the brand. The dynamic application of the grid gives the site flexibility and variety, and allows the site's overall structure to be curated around the content.

dn&co's site is a perfect example of how to use cross-medium content effectively. GIFs and interactive elements sit comfortably alongside static portfolio photography, keeping the user's eye engaged as they scroll to find out more.

The case studies focus purely on the studio's work, again offering a flexible grid which allows the focus to remain on the art direction and body of work.

Words: Chris Allwood

Chris Allwood is a digital designer and co-organiser of grassroots event Second Wednesday. He works at Studio Output in Nottingham, UK.

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