Comic strip pokes fun at the design process

This comic perfectly illustrates the differences between designer's and client's ideas.

Tree swing cartoon

Click to read the hilarious (and accurate) captions

The journey to creating a slick finished product is never a smooth one, with designers often having to juggle the expectations of a creative director and the demands of the customer. No wonder it's difficult to even get started with a mood board of ideas. To give you an idea of the chaos, Paragon Innovations created this hilarious comic.

Created back in 2005, this witty little comic is still relevant over ten years down the line. Using a tree swing as an instantly relatable symbol, this strip represents the different ideas various parties bring to the table when designing a product.

Nobody gets off the hook, with the ridiculous suggestions of programmers, project leaders and business consultants each getting a look in. And the final punchline? The customer always just wants a simple, practical solution after all.

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