The 15 best photo collage maker tools

Here are the best collage maker tools we've found for web, desktop, iPhone, iPad tablet, Android, and Windows Phone.

Photo collages are a hugely popular way to collate your photos - and this should be no surprise as we all carry a camera around with us at all times and take more snaps than ever before. Gathering these images in a collage is a great way to present your image library or a snapshot of your life on one page.

But photo collage making can be a laborious (if rewarding) task if you use Photoshop CC or similar – you may need the assistance of some Photoshop tutorials to get you started. However you could take some of the effort out with a collage maker.


Here is the definitive guide to the best around, covering online, desktop, iOS (that's iPhone and iPad), Android, and Windows Phone.

01. Instagram Layout

Facebook joins the collage maker party with iOS app Layout

Facebook-owned Instagram has released Layout, an app designed to help people create collages of their images and share their creations via social media. Although only on iPhone just now, an Android version of Layout is reportedly in the tubes and scheduled to arrive soon. 

Layout lets you select and rearrange images by dragging and dropping. You can also control the size of images by pinching. When you're done, you can easily save, and share your collage across your social media networks. 

02. Picture Collage Maker 3.5

 Picture Collage Maker
Picture Collage Maker is regularly updated and improved
  • Platform: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Developer: PearlMountain
  • Price: $39.90

Picture Collage Maker is a powerful yet easy-to-use collage maker that enables you to create stunning collages on both Mac OS X, and it has recently undergone a major update. There are hundreds of new templates for all kinds of occasions and lots of customizable features: lock/unlock, group/ungroup, page margin, rotate, resize, crop, duplicate, reflection, etc.

You can create multiple pages within the same window, use rich elements such as text, calendar, shape, background, clipart, frame, mask, and more. It's pricey at nearly $40 but the wealth of features will make it worthwhile for many people.

03. PhotoVideoCollage

Collage maker PhotoVideoCollage
PhotoVideoCollage brings video to the world of collage makers
  • Platform: Mac OS X 10.8 or newer
  • Developer: Bits&Coffee
  • Price: Free (Premium $9.99)

PhotoVideoCollage brings the classic photo collage to the next level. Not only can users add photos but also videos, and mix the soundtracks with their favorite music.

The user can select a layout template from a multitude of presets. Photos and videos can then be added to the layout, and additional settings like border width, curvature, color, and texture can be set. The placement of the photos and videos inside the collage can be easily changed with drag and drop.

04. Capcam

Camcam for iPhone is a cool collage maker
  • Platform: iOS
  • Developer: GBKS limited
  • Price: $0.99

The guys behind Capcam – called Germany's Best-Kept Secret (and they may well be) – reckon that the best way for us all to tell our life stories is with collages and captions. That's why the collage maker takes centre-stage in this cool iPhone app, which makes collating and captioning your treasured images simpler than a simple thing.

05. PhotoCollage

Collage maker PhotoCollage
PhotoCollage is a web-based collage maker that is simplicity itself
  • Platform: Web
  • Developer: Zygomatic
  • Price: Free

PhotoCollage has a nice does-what-it-says-on-the-tin name, and the web-based collage maker is no less simple to use. It works on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS platforms including touchscreens, and you can choose from collage templates or use your skills to create freeform collages. A neat feature is the Facebook banner and Google+ header templates so you collage-ify your favourite social network's profile page.

06. Fotor

Fotor's online photo editor includes a collage maker
  • Platform: Web
  • Developer: Fotor
  • Price: Free

Fotor is a professional-level web-based photo editor which includes a specific online collage maker. You can choose from four types of photo collage – template collage, photo stitching, photo montage, and funky collage – and you can create collages in five simple steps from opening the web page to saving and sharing your creation. Plus you can use all of Fotor's image-editing tools to instil some added perfection.

07. Photovisi

Photovisi is a stand-alone collage maker
  • Platform: Web
  • Developer: Photovisi
  • Price: Free

Photovisi is a stand-alone collage maker with no fripperies and no photo editing tools to distract and confuse – and it's all the better for it. It is the easiest to use of all the apps on this page – you select a collage design, add your photos and drag them around till you're satisfied, then download it. What could be easier?

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