The 62 best free Photoshop brushes

Brushes can save some serious time when adding design flourishes, so we've rounded up our favourite free Photoshop brushes.

12. Lightning strikes

Electrify your work with this collection of stunning lightning strikes. Tileable and available not only as Photoshop brushes but also as patterns and JPEG images, there are 18 to choose from in this set.

Limitations: none

13. Nature silhouettes

free Photoshop brushes nature

There are 19 free nature Photoshop brushes in this pack

This is a really useful set of 19 different silhouettes, each featuring a different flora, ranging from trees to grasses.

Limitations: none

14. Coffee stain brushes

free Photoshop brushes coffee stain

These coffee stain brushes also have an abstract feel to them

Some excellent stain marks that would pass equally well for daubs of ink as much as coffee or tea. These brushes add a nice degree of life-wear to your images, instantly aging them.

Limitations: none

15. Vintage wooden brush

free Photoshop brushes vintage wooden textures

Create stunning vintage wooden textures with this brush set

This simple brush offered by Creative Nerds brings a wonderful, rich flaking wood texture to your brush arsenal.

Limitations: cannot be redistributed

16. Dust particle brushes

free Photoshop brushes dust particle

This free dust particle Photoshop brush set is stunning

A really useful set of dust particle brushes from WeGraphics that add instant dirt and richness.

Limitations: cannot be redistributed

17. Grass and plant brushes

free Photoshop brushes plants

Create realistic looking nature imagery with this free Photoshop brush set

10 different brushes each featuring different grass and plant designs and ranging in size from 500px to 2500px.

Limitations: attribution under some circumstances

18. Ornamental butterflies 2

free Photoshop brushes butterflies

There's a total of 35 brushes in this stylish set

A beautiful set of butterflies and plant-based ornaments that can add a sophisticated touch to corners and borders.

Limitations: none

19. Hi-res Photoshop hair brushes

free Photoshop brushes hair brush

We're big fans of this quirky set of Photoshop brushes

An excellent set of isolated hair styles rendered as silhouettes.

Limitations: none

20. Hair brushes set 1

free Photoshop brushes hair

These brushes don't work in PS7 or lower

Great for providing touch-up on model photography, this set includes detailed textured hair in a variety of falling styles.

Limitations: attribution necessary under some cirumstances

21. Tree borders brushes

free Photoshop brushes trees

These brushes are perfect for trees

A nice set of brushes that allow you to introduce tree and bush silhouettes to the edge of your composition.

Limitations: non-commercial use only

22. GreenPack random brushes

free Photoshop brushes green pack

These free Photoshop brushes were inspired by the Whole Foods Market

Four green-themed brushes - mainly worth the download for the excellent tree illustration that's included!

Limitations: none

23. Water brushes vol. 2

free Photoshop brushes water

These brushes are fantastic for all sorts of design projects, from flyers and brochures to wallpapers and Twitter backgrounds

12 large brushes that include splashes, ripples and water drops. An excellent set for backgrounds as well as foreground design elements.

Limitations: none

24. Five simple fabric brushes

free Photoshop brushes fabric

Add some natural surfacing to your work

Straightforward fabric textures, great for backgrounds in both print and web designs as they're high resolution.

Limitations: none

25. Floral swirls

free Photoshop brushes floral swirls

These swirls are compatible with Photoshop 7 and up

Useful set of floral swirl brushes ideal for building up rich borders and textures in both print and web designs.

Limitations: none

26. Texture brushes

free Photoshop brushes fabric

These brushes were created from a collection of fabrics

A useful selection of nine different fabrics that show off the weave and pattern of the material with a scratchy realism.

27. Hi-res clouds

free Photoshop brushes clouds

Add cosmic and nebulae elements to your designs with this brush set

This is a really useful set of 17 brushes, each of which features a different cloud design that can easily be used to add interest to your images

Limitations: none

28. Cloud brushes

Free Photoshop brushes cloud brushes

There are 24 different cloud Photoshop brushes in this free pack

Here are 24 cloud brushes, at quite impressive sizes, all from artist by Mila Vasileva. "Mushroom cloud included."

Limitations: none

29. Moon brushes

free Photoshop brushes moon

There are 10 moon brushes in this set

This excellent set provides 10 different phases of the moon in brush format!

Limitations: none

30. Leaf brushes

free Photoshop brushes leaf

These leaf brushes are stunning

Great for creating organic textured background, this set features seven isolated leaf images with intricate details and textures.

Limitations: none

31. Fractal brushes

free Photoshop brushes fractal

12 fractal brushes, all in different shapes

An excellent selection of fractal-based brushes that look futuristic - great for web design.

Limitations: none

32. Ooh so sexy hair brush

Paint on body hair with ease thanks to this free brush

Sometimes, you really need to paint some realistic body hair. This will make rendering those short and curlies one whole lot easier.

Limitations: none

33. Feathers and birds

free Photoshop brushes feather

These feather brushes are fantastic

A total of 12 individual brushes, each of which includes a stand-alone piece of artwork ranging from detailed feather illustrations, to whimsical birds-on-a-branch.

Limitations: attribution under some circumstances

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