What happens when a colouring book and notebook collide?

The ColoringNotebook is the first notepad with coloring pages for adults.


The ColoringNotebook aims to be less bulky than other colouring books out there

It's no secret that 2015 is the year that colouring books took over – namely, colouring books for adults. Claiming to stimulate creativity and relieve stress, they've gone on to sell in their millions. This latest addition aims to combine the aspects of colouring books with a regular notebook.

"The idea of combining an adult coloring book with a paper notebook came up pretty unexpected," explains creator Nick. "I was packing for the trip and I knew I'd have a lot of time to waste, but didn't want to take my coloring book as it was just too bulky. Instead, I printed up some colouring pages and enclosed them into my notebook.

"When I was colouring during the trip, my friends noticed what I was doing and, like all friends do, started asking a bunch of questions: Where did you get that? Did you do it yourself? Can I get one? It looks so convenient and you can colour the pages whenever you are. And so The ColoringNotebook was born."


Nick found the inspiration during a trip with friends


You can carry The ColoringNotebook wherever you go


You can both colour and create notes with the creation

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