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5 leading artists headline next month's 3D Printshow

The 3D Printshow takes place at London's Brewery from the 19th-21st October, and will present interactive experiences, seminars, and workshops for anyone initerested in the emerging field of print in 3D. According to organisers, the show aims to, "captivate and entertain, but also to deepen the public understanding of what 3D printing has made achievable in the world of bespoke production".

Tickets are available now from the 3D Printshow website

Tickets are available now from the 3D Printshow website

The show will feature 3D printing in the areas of fashion, architecture, art, music, medicine, design, software, travel, furniture, and home life (if you're inspired, see how you can make 3D prints using your own photos for free.

Show highlights include:

  • 3D BODY SCANNER: Europac will be installing a full 3D body scanner, through which consumers can see themselves recreated both as a digital file and later a physical 3D printed object.
  • DESIGN BAR: With a row of iMacs and experts on-hand, the design bar will offer tuition on design principles that will allow the average person to personalize pre-existing pieces.
  • DIGITAL HOME: A living room of 3D printed objects.
  • ART EXHIBITION: An exhibition space featuring approximately 40 international artists.
  • WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS: Sessions will provide specialist speakers to answer questions, with some giving visitors the option to create their own designs or handling printed fossils.

A host of 3D printing talent!

Below we've feature five of the artists whose work will be featured at the 3D Printshow in October. There's some stunning work, and it's just a taster of what you can expect.

Daniel Widrig

David van Ness

Maya Ben David

Stephanie Lempert

Sophie Kahn

3D Printshow info is available online at :

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