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3D printing academy targets designers

Technological advancements are making this the era of 3D printing. From cars to food to shoes to jewelry, the possibilities of this exciting new tech are endless.

And 3D printing is quickly making inroads into the design market as a creative tool. If you're a designer, it could be the missing link to turn your ideas into a reality.

If you love product design, you can use it to create your own prototype. If you're a fashion designer, you can now print your own clothes and shoes. If you love toys, you can make your own.

3D printed figures

Now is the time to get involved in 3D printing

With desktop 3D printers available for as little as $400 on Amazon, the technology is now within reach of most designers – but you still need to learn both the relevant design and technical skills to take advantage of it. So how, and where do you begin?

Well, here's one place you could start. The founders of the online 3D Printing website, Mold3D, have created a program to bridge the knowledge gap in 3D printing, with an emphasis on digital design skills. Their newly-opened training school, Mold3D Academy, aims to teach both creative and technical classes in a focused training program.

3D printed jewelry

A 3D printer is just a tool – you still need the skills to get the most out of it

The first of its kind program offers classes taught by reputable, industry professionals in the areas of digital modeling, toy design, CAD modeling, jewelry creation for 3D printing, and more.

It's designed specifically for aspiring artists or inventors who want to create their own products.

3D printed toy

Mold3D aims to bridge the knowledge gap in 3D printing

You don’t necessarily need to have a 3D printer to begin – many classes offer the option of printing your work from a third party.

Head on over to the Mold3D Academy website for more details on their upcoming classes and programs, including pricing.

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