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Access thousands of free 3D objects in Photoshop

Stock asset library PixelSquid operates a library of thousands of 3D assets, including buildings, vehicles, home furnishings, plants and creatures. Now they've made it simple for designers to use these assets in Photoshop CC via a specially designed plug-in – no 3D skills required.

Once you've installed the plugin, you just click the 'Add To Photoshop' button to download any object on the PixelSquid site to Photoshop, where you can position, scale and rotate it using Photoshop's transform tools. When you have it where you want it, you can then download the corresponding render passes directly into the Photoshop document as separate layers.

The plugin is free, and there are more than 4,700 free objects in the library that you can import into Photoshop for both personal and commercial use. Learn more and download the plugin here.

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