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Add character to your virtual vinyl

The vinyl toy has taken the creative industry by storm, but what makes a good toy design? The most successful designs have personality and emotion attached to them, and you can use different shapes, colours, accessories and expressions to create a toy that really stands out from the crowd.

In issue 140 of Computer Arts, Chris Weston introduced you to some 3D skills in his Virtual Vinyl tutorial. Here he shows you how to build on those 3D skills to create a complex vinyl toy that has emotion. The tool used to create the details on the head of this character is Cinema 4D's Knife (Structure> Knife). The Knife tool allows you to curve, sharpen and sculpt your polygon shape with more accuracy than with point-to-point modelling.

You'll also be using a tool called Extrude to create a paint spill around the base of the design.

Click here to download the support files (6.2MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free