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20 Christmas gift ideas for 3D artists

Christmas is that time when you end up hunting high and low for the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life. But what if one of them is one of that strange breed that calls itself a 3D artist? Well, fear not. Here's a list of items which should bring joy to any artist and envy to all others, so read on and take your pick.

01. The Animator's Survival Kit

If you have any interest in animation whatsoever you really can’t be forgiven for not having this book in your collection. Animation veteran Richard Williams covers everything you could possibly need to know about getting your characters to emote properly, from mood, to weight and anticipation and more. As well as the printed version there are editions for ipad and dvd too.

02. Mirror for monitor

Although it could help you prevent embarrassment when surfing those NSFW sites this is really a very handy way to reference yourself when working with characters. Great for checking muscle movements for certain expressions or for the next head box modelling session.

03. Star Wars: A New Hope

We're all excited by the prospect of the new Star Wars films. It's fair to say JJ Abrams is looking to have made an instant hit but let's not forget where it all started. Treat yourself and your studio to a classic in the form of this A New Hope poster.

04. Motivational art

Not content with the usual movie posters? Well this screen print from designer Anthony Oram could be just the thing. It will definitely please the typography nerds and has a message that resonates with many people I know. Maybe you too?

05. Plant for studio

As a 3D artist you probably spend long stretches indoors staring at a screen. Keep your working environment fresh, with a calming and CO2-eating plant. It not only helps the air quality, but looks good and it's always good for the brain to bring a bit of nature indoors.

06. Greyscale copic marker set for storyboards

Even 3D artists like to draw and plan things from time to time, so a good quality set of greyscale copic markers can go a long way to making the traditional side of things look as good as the 3D renders. Sets like this make easy work of blending tones too.

07. Anatomical reference model

Every artist needs good reference and this anatomical model is split down the middle giving you references for both musculature and skin levels.

08. Creature cups

There are some items that get used more than others. A mug is a prime example, so why stick with the same old boring type everybody has. These creature cups not only look good but will give that annoying client a small shock when they tip up the coffee you made them.

A number of varieties are available, including T-Rex, triceratops, elephant, monkey, sea otter, shark, octopus, lobster, pelican and crocodile.

09. Leather bound Moleskine notebook

Every artist I know, whether traditional or digital carries a sketchbook around with them. Protect yours when out and about, plus look classy with this beautiful leather bound offering from Tanner Bates. Plain gorgeous.

10. Star Wars Lego

Which kit you go for is up to you. But if you’re like me, you'll end up with loads. Either way there's no denying the mix of Star Wars and lego is a win all round. And because it's a great tool for understanding form and structure you can claim it against tax!

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