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Image of the day: 3D Print Cup

An army of mini superheroes and villains invaded the streets of Manchester, this week, as part of a competition to showcase the creative industry's most gifted 3D-print designers.

Creatives from around the world entered the competition to create an original character using 3D printing technology in a bid to win 3D model printer and the prestige of taking home the first ever 3D Print Cup.

The competition, staged by Stockport-based, was founded to test "the parameters of 3D printing for creative model making." Each design submitted was printed using a Makerbot Replicator 2X, producing a 3D model that was returned to the designer for finishing.

There were more than 30 entries, with a panel of industry experts, including Andrew Hickinbottom, Stanley Chow, UCLAN'S Mike Mead and Laura Sanderson, on hand to pick the winner.

And the winner is ...

  • Best overall winner was animator Jonathan Salter – his design of ‘Brooke and Pacu’ merged the very best of the 3D print technology with design aesthetics
  • The Best Student entry was scooped by Jamie Carr of Futureworks with her dino-themed character Snagglechomp
  • Manchester’s top design agencies went head-to-head, with Manchester based Kilogramme securing the Best Team crown with their space traveling entry ‘Mechputin’
  • Best Individual prize went to Ross Phillips for his effective character with removable top design

“The characters were absolutely unbelievable," managing director Ian Cowley said. "They exceeded our expectations in every way. For many, it was their first opportunity to experience the power of 3D printing, something that has the power to revolutionise design over the next few years.”

Check out all winning characters below: