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Magical CG creature protects the elements

Dimitrije Leonidov has been working in 3D art for over seven years and has been involved with video game and mobile game projects for the last two. He created this image as an entry for the Stone Elemental Contest on the Gnomon Workshop Forums.

"I tried to create something different from what you usually think when imagining a 'Stone Elemental' - not a hulking brute, but a guardian of nature, a protector that is a gentle and reclusive creature," reveals Leonidov.

ZBrush was used for the modelling and texturing of the stone elemental character, and also the background and blocking of the main scenery. Once the character model was completed, Leonidov used the ZSphere rig to pose the character.

"After that the character was decimated and sent to Maya. I used physical Sun and Sky for lighting the scene with some fill light to get the final look," says the artist. "Also I used the excellent tool Ivy Generator for the vines."

This article originally appeared in 3D World issue 180.