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Piscine private eye is off the hook

"I always focus on a story, therefore it is fun to see how a product of my imagination slowly comes to life," says 3D animator Kamil Kuklo about this unique take on a detective character in his piece, Fish Detective.

The artist draws inspiration for his characters from everyday life – "every person I meet, every event I encounter," says Kamil. Using the world around him as his inspiration, he conjures up his unique ideas, "and that includes both funny and more surreal, disturbing stories."

For such a strong design as Fish Detective, it's surprising to learn that Kamil doesn't sketch or plan his artwork, preferring to develop his ideas as he models. "I tend to keep the number of different apps that I use low – it's Blender, Photoshop and occasionally another rendering engine. If needed I use an open Collada extension to transfer models and their animations from Blender to 3ds Max."

That's not to say Kamil is adverse to using a unique technique; for example, all the drawers in the background cabinet were created using particles. "That way, I could slightly randomise their rotation and location," he says.

See more of Kamil's personal work here.

This article originally appeared in 3D World issue 182.

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