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Is this Pixar's next Toy Story?

Recently, we ran an exclusive interview with Pixar director Pete Docter on his new animation Inside Out. The film is set inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl, whose emotions joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust compete to control her.

Being big fans of 3D movies, we can't wait to see how Inside Out does for the animation giant. Now released across much of the world, in this short film from CNN, Docter reveals all about the new film, and takes a look at the beautiful hand drawn animation work from French artist Sylvain Chomet.

Pete's one to watch

Featuring in CNN's 'Ones to watch', Docter chooses Japanese animtion artist Dice Tsutsumi. His Oscar-nominated short film, The Dam Keeper, tells the story of a baby pig who protects his town from clouds of pollution with a windmill and explores the dark reality of childhood bullying and the healing power of art and friendship.

"I am in love with Tsutsumi's work," Docter reveals. "You look at his paintings and go ‘Wow, he captured life like I’ve never really seen it before."

Discover more on Tsutsumi and his incredible work in this CNN video:

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