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InContext Editing

Adobe Contribute is a useful tool for non-technical clients who want to maintain their website content. It does, however, suffer from the problem of being tied to the desktop; your client can only update their site from a computer that has the application installed, and if they call you to help them the same limitation applies.

A common approach to countering this issue is the use of a web-based content management system. These offer the flexibility of enabling editing from any web browser, but typically require specialist technical knowledge to set up. Furthermore, as a result of trying to do everything, they're more complicated to use and understand than Contribute. Adobe is aware of this and has developed InContext Editing to sit between the two solutions. This web app is in beta on Adobe Labs and works like any online CMS, but looks and feels like a desktop application. Functionality-wise it's limited, but for simple websites it may be an ideal choice for enabling your client access to edit content without risking damage to your design.

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