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M&C Saatchi surprises shoppers with submarine

M&C Saatchi submarine

The submarine turned into quite the media storm in just a few mintues

We've seen some incredible examples of street art and installations in our time but nothing really comes close to this underwater collision. Set up by M&C Saatchi, this submarine crashed into the middle of a busy Milan highstreet to give shoppers a rather unique surprise.

The event was designed to create awareness and traffic to the first all encompassing 'protection store' located just around the corner. Even ambulances, firefighters and the National Guard rushed to the scene to provide aid.

Marked with the serial number #L1F3 the submarine turned itself from a prop into a form of media. The hashtag was present in all pictures taken of the collision between the car and the submarine. In just a few hours #L1F3 became a national trend topic on Twitter, generating close to four million media impressions in a few hours.

M&C Saatchi submarine

M&C Saatchi submarine

Find out more over on the Protect Your Life website.

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