4 top tips for drawing an anguished character

To convey strong emotion when it comes to how to draw a face, I make use of all the elements in my image: posture, expression, setting, storytelling, colour, mood and composition. I first gather references of anguish from the web, recognising that it’s very close to physical pain – hence the screwed-up eyes and furrowed brows. In sketching out the basic pose and composition, I try to tell the story of the reason for the character’s pain, in this case the destruction of his robot friend.

I choose the camera angle to focus attention on his facial expression but also pay attention to the posture, which communicates his anguish. I then detail the image with line art, clarifying his facial expression and all of the important details in the image. 

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Michelle Hoefener has worked in the gaming and entertainment industries for six years now. And she's been painting and publishing her work online for well over 15 years.