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The designer's guide to illustration

Illustration is a beautifully expressive, versatile artform. It can add impact, style and personality to any graphic design project. But it's not always easy to get right.

Whether you're visualising an abstract concept, bringing some highly complex subject matter to life, telling a compelling story, or just adding a touch of stylistic beauty to a piece of work, the possibilities are endless with illustration.

Part of the beauty of working with an illustrator is they can be based literally anywhere, and with talented practitioners all over the world to choose from, it can be a challenge in itself choosing the right style for the job.

In an ideal world, everyone would commission and art direct something bespoke, but if you don't have the time or budget to do so, there are also thousands of quality illustrations to be found in stock libraries.

So read on for our essential guide to getting more from illustration in your design work. We will continue to add to this list in the coming months...

01. Inspiring illustrators to commission

02. Tips for using illustration in design

03. Illustration commissioning advice

Nick Carson
Nick Carson is a content strategist and copywriter, and former editor of Computer Arts. He is also chair of judges for the Brand Impact Awards.