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Create your own animated ringtone

We've all been there, sat around the house on a lazy Sunday morning enjoying our favourite hangover-nursing television show, when suddenly the advert break comes on and you're confronted by an awful advert for the latest chav-tastic ringtone craze. As you settle back down to recover from the assault on your visual and auditory senses, you think to yourself, "If they can sell that for silly money, then what's stopping me from creating my own mega unique animated ringtone?"

Well, that's where this tutorial steps in to help you nurture your seed of genius into a fully-blossomed animated ringtone. We'll take you from the brainstorming session through the creation stage, and then finally to the most crucial stage, getting it on to your phone. We will take you from your initial sketching through to drawing your ideas in Illustrator and making sure they are ready for animation before actually animating them in After Effects. Once you've rendered out your ringtone, we'll show you how to convert it to a format your phone will understand and preview it on Adobe's new Device Central. This brand-new addition to Creative Suite can show you how your animation will actually look on various phone models - no more messing around with a trial-and-error method! You can even preview different kinds of screen reflections, so you'll know how it looks on either that really summery day or that cold wintry night. Have fun!

Click here to download the support files (1.13MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free