21 incredibly cool design office murals

We all want to work in cool design offices, right? However, the office can be a dull environment that's no fun to work in – and this is doubly frustrating when you're working in a creative industry. So designers are taking the matter into their own hands, bring their workplace walls alive and injecting some visual energy into their environment. Check out these amazing examples of design office murals and maybe you'll be inspired to make-over your own office...

01. Hootsuite

Hootsuite's amazing boardroom mural is based on a real encounter with a great horned owl

Inspired by an unexpected encounter with a great horned owl in Vancouver's Stanley Park, husband and wife team Steve and Sandy Pell completed this mural for Hootsuite's new boardroom in just two and a half days. Key to their design are the owl's piercing golden eyes that caught their attention in Stanley Park; they hoped to evoke the perfect balance of intense singular passion, fear, excitement, unknown, and intensity.

02. Nokia

Graffiti Kings brightened up Nokia's office with an assortment of murals

London-based Graffiti Kings, headed up by pro graffiti artist Darren 'SER' Cullen who also painted the stage sets for the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, were contacted by Nokia who wanted their white office walls jazzed up with some magnificent and mind-blowing graffiti murals. So that's what Graffiti Kings did, including this fantastic Nokia logo created entirely out of tags.

03. Facebook

Invisible Creature, aka Don and Ryan Clark, were responsible for this out-of-this-world offering for the folks at Facebook's Seattle offices. "They gave us a few keywords that represented the culture and atmosphere at Facebook. 'Making The World More Connected' and '‘Hacker' got the most votes internally, so we dug into those ideas as our direction," they explain.

04. Bank of China

design office murals

Illustrator Abi Daker flexes her attention-to-detail muscles with this wall mural

Cyprus based illustrator Abi Daker created this gorgeously detailed wall mural for the Bank of China. "My attention to detail and strong drawing technique means that my work is ideally suited to creating illustrated maps, panoramic cityscapes and perspective drawings," she explains. We love the use of a singular colour with this one.

05. & Smith

This 7ft x 10ft wall mural was created by artist Rob Lowe a.k.a. Supermundane. Using black and blue paint pens, the mural for design agency &Smith was drawn over two days - one for each colour. Lowe has created a number of client murals but it was the intricacy of this one that really caught our eye.

06. Weiden+Kennedy

design office murals

The wall mural reflects the ethos and attitude of the company

Advertising agency Weiden+Kennedy has one of the most beautiful office spaces in the industry, with its staff contributing to the aesthetics. Decorated with artwork by the W+K employees, this pushpin mural highlights co-founder Dan Wieden's belief that creative success only comes to those willing to risk failure.

07. Twitter UK

design office wall murals

Sweaty Eskimo perfectly captures Twitter's services in his wall mural

This brilliant vinyl sticker was created by Tahgasa Bertram, otherwise known as his illustration alias Sweaty Eskimo. Bertram has worked with a number of clients to produce some pretty inspiring wall murals, and this creation perfectly captures the social media brand's colour scheme and services.

08. BIC

design office wall mural

So Creative got colourful with this wall mural for BIC

Design agency So Creative were responsible for this colourful office mural for stationary experts BIC. "We were commissioned by BIC to create a colourful, contemporary mural design to adorn the walls of their marketing suite. Inspired by the long and varied history of the company, we created a visual timeline with emphasis on their successful product launches and other key dates," they explain.

09. Leo Burnett

design office wall murals

This wall mural features a huge illustration of the company's founder

Now here's an office wall mural that will certainly catch the eye! Singapore designers Ministry of Design completed this office interior for advertising agency Leo Burnett that features a drawing of the company's founder spread across the walls and floor, wielding a scaled-up model of a pencil. Incredible work.

10. Ustwo

Burgerman's monochrome mural adds an extra sheen of cool to ustwo's offices

One of the kings of doodle art, Jon Burgerman often produces huge arrays of colours within his works, so this simple black and white creation studio for ustwo is a bit of a departure. But we love it all the same. Check out more pics of the mural in this blog post, and take a peek behind the scenes of its creation in this video.

11. The Audience

Underwater inspired mural

Who wouldn't want to walk past this on the way to their desk?

Husband and wife Dan and Kozue Kitchens are the couple behind Kozyndan, an LA-based artistic team, known for their digitally painted pencil drawings of contemporary urban cityscapes and surreal interior spaces. The duo's latest endeavour is this huge 45-foot underwater-inspired mural, created for PR company The Audience in LA.

Underwater inspired mural

There's a huge amount of intricate detail

This piece is seriously impressive, not only for its scale but for the huge amount of intricate detail. Each time we look at it, we find new weird yet wonderful illustration we missed previously. How the team who work in this now aptly-named 'fish bowl' office get anything done we'll never know!

12. Digital Gurus

Meetings are less boring with something to look at

The Digital Gurus are a collective based in London who specialise in mural art and have an impressive client list including the likes of Google. Here's just one example of how they've use their creative skills to create a modern and fresh atmospheres in their offices - you'll find more murals on their site.

13. TMRC

Sarah Sculley created this graffiti inspired mural for market research firm TMRC

Freelance graphic designer Sarah Sculley uses her graffiti and stencil skills to enhance the walls of offices she's called to work upon. Here's her addition to the office walls of research marketing company TMRC. "TMRC research the sub-concious mind and how it absorbs information through marketing, so the idea was to show the flow of sub-concious thought," she explains.

14. Google

Kate Moross made good use of Google's colours for her New York mural

Google has called upon many talented current designers and creative to bring in a bit of life and energy to its workplaces. Kate Moross combined her trademark visuals with the search engine's iconic colours to produce this fresh and exciting mural for Google's New York offices.

15. Sumo Digital

Geo Law created this awesome illustration using uni-ball Posca markers

Doodle enthusiast Geo Law was asked to create a mural for the offices of indie game development studio Sumo Digital. With simple colour combinations and intricate line compositions, this incredible creation gives a fresh feel to the office environment.

16. Jess3

Jess3 wanted to inspire their team by launching a revamped physical office

The work of Andy J Miller is sure to inspire all lovers of narrative and folkloric illustrations. Here is a beautiful and unique example of his work at the Washington DC office of creative agency Jess3. He took full use of the space and covered the walls in bold colour, type and imagery on the theme of "historical collaboration".

17. Neos Creative

The design was focused around the words 'adventure', 'graphical' and 'timeless'

Design and project management agency Neos Creative wanted an inspirational and unique mural for their new West London office.
They commissioned Soulful Creative, a collective of some of the world's most talented and experienced graffiti artists, illustrators, and contemporary artists, who produced this funky masterpiece.

18. Carat

The theme of the mural is 'redefining media'

Norwegian illustrator, graphic designer and art director Remi Juliebo created this beautiful typography-based design for the office walls of Oslo-based advertising agency Carat.

19. MailChimp

Derek Bruno's evocative mural for MailChimp's offices

This stunning mural using abstract colour and form was created for the office of email newsletter service MailChimp by Derek Bruno. His fine art, graphic design and furniture design background have shaped the way in which he is able to adapt his work according to surface and scale, resulting in this engaging example of office mural art.

20. Digibrand

Visitors to this office won't forget the experience in a hurry

Designed by Gatis Kurzemnieks for the Digibrand offices in Latvia, this hand painted mural stretches across the office walls. Offering an imaginative narrative and centred around bold elements and use of colour, the illustration then continues onto stickers onto the glass walls of the office.

The illustration flows in and around the offices

21. Warner Music

The design captures the long history of Warner in a fresh, contemporary way

Talented Australian type designer Georgia Hill was called in by the Warner Music studios to create this mural for their office walls. Her simple retro design reflects the values and visual aesthetic of the Warner tradition.