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Ethereal animation gives shape to experimental music

When animators create their own personal interpretations of music that inspires them, there's the potential for something special to be born. And that's certainly the case with this touching and ethereal animation.

Rickard Bengtsson, a 20-year-old illustrator from Sweden, was so inspired by Prima, an offbeat and experiment piece by Italian New Age composer Ludovico Einaudi, that he created this moody and mysterious visual accompaniment to it.

Sophisticated blurring

The results are striking, with the simplisitic illustration style complemented beautifully by the sophisticated blurring and fading effects. So we were surprised to say the least that this was the illustrator's first cell animation.

Bengtsson tells us he spent three months working on the piece, drawing frame by frame in Flash and comping in After Effects and describes it as a "long and painful process". We'd say it was worth it - and we're looking forward to see what he comes up with next.

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