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How obsessed with your phone are you?

Your alarm goes off and you reach for your phone; you're on your way to work and you check your social media channels; your friend has shared a funny video and you watch it; you've heard a rumour, so you check your news app; you want to check-in at your favourite restuarant... the list is endless.

We've all been there. Your phone is quickly becoming another arm, with plenty of you unable to live without that little device. Motion graphics design studio We Are Seventeen decided to hone in on this unhealthy obsession with this creative short, titled 'Mr. Selfie'.

Following the character on the street, on the bus, on a countryside walk and in bed, it's a stark reminder that you may be a little bit too attached to your phone. Inspiring and thought-provoking, the short may make you think twice about checking that latest notification.

[via Design Taxi]

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