Samsung Galaxy Note animation will mesmerize you

Creating an animated advertisement needs to do two things – grab attention and inspire, immediately. This latest offering from Vallée Duhamel for Samsung Galaxy Note does just that and more; inviting you into a dreamscape of creativity, with beautiful and thoughtful artistic direction.

"After exploring to the functionalities of the SPen we realised that there was a close relation to the utility of real life tasks or objects and this pen," explains Julien Vallée, one half of the team.

"We started by connecting these functionalities to daily tasks one would do in the course of a day. Then we were interested in making a choreography that would involve unexpected tricks. Along with the agency Heaven, we developed a series of task that could be done during work time, and with a professional pen spinner we were able to enhance the movements and interaction with theses objects."

samsung galaxy note animation

The team wanted to connect the electronic aspects of the pen to the real world

Listing all the functionalities of the SPen, Vallée and Duhamel then picked their favourite few that they could translate into real life. "Then with a choreographer, we developed a sequence that would take us trough all these actions, from coffee in the morning, picnic for lunch and ping-pong game in the afternoon," Vallée continues.

Using a video assistant, the team were able to position the hands and arms in the previous move, then replace the object and continue the motion from where they had left it. "Some objects were bigger than others and we needed to rehearse a lot prior to the shoot in order to find a way to end each movement and start the next one with different size of objects.

"I love the moment where his hand goes in the desk (representing the inside of the phone), and make his path trough all the floating objects," Vallée concludes. "It breaks the established top view of the desk and gives another dimension to it’s surface."

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Sammy Maine

Sammy Maine was a founding member of the Creative Bloq team way back in the early 2010s, working as a Commissioning Editor. Her interests cover graphic design in music and film, illustration and animation. Since departing, Sammy has written for The Guardian, VICE, The Independent & Metro, and currently co-edits the quarterly music journal Gold Flake Paint.