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Entrancing music video is poetry in motion

This latest music video from Hibou Blaster is an illustrative delight; full of unusual characters, morphing faces and colours galore. In a world where music videos aren't as important as they used to be, it's always a pleasure to see a team such as BBBlaster using their creative forces to craft a gorgeous music video such as this.

BBBlaster is a Vjing, illustration and animation project composed by Loup Blaster and Dalkhafine. It was set up in Volda, Norway after the pair brought together three years of traditional animation studies and a consistent interest for music and animation.

Poetic imagery

The Vjing project aims to combine handcraft animation and modern medias, in order to bring together a poetic imagery for electronic live music. The pair are also part of the Get Freaky label.

If you like what you see, BBBlaster's creative blog contains more VJing, illustration and animation work - check it out here.

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