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WATCH THIS! Hamer Hall's 'Evolution'

Dirty Puppet is a boutique, design-driven animation studio from Collingwood, Australia.

For its latest project, Dirty Puppet was commissioned by the Arts Centre in Melbourne to pitch and turn around this animation within an extremely tight deadline, whilst also designing the content specifically for the custom-built 6x1 metre LED screens that were part of the re-launch of Melbourne's Hamer Hall.

Project development

The animation director for the project was Cameron Gough who regularly leads the team at Dirty Puppet. He also took care of the animation itself as well as the compositing. He had some help from Canaan Mendelsohn for the 2D effects, with Kate Moon responsible for the stunning artwork.

Evolution: Drawings during the project development

Evolution: Drawings during the project development

Tait Ischia was the writer for the project, piecing together a story to coinside with the beautiful imagery. Research and development was completed by Shane Smith and the accompanying music was composed by Nick Van Cuylenburg.

Customised creatives

We were incredibly impressed by the animation style and exposition; especially the fire towards the middle of the video.

Its grainy texture, attention to detail, and customised screen size make it one of a kind. We guarantee you'll be transported to another world for the three-and-a-half-mintues running time.

The piece is currently on public display downstairs at Hamer Hall Melbourne on one of their custom built 6x1 metre LED screens.

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