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Clever app gives traditional toys a digital dimension

Over the last few years, physical toys have increasingly been designed to interact with digital tools. When linked up to a phone or tablet, players can unlock additional features from their toys for extra enjoyment.

The latest app from Forge Reply brings toy blocks to life, in order to promote language development and social skills for children aged between 18 months and six years.

Created in partnership with Chicco, the Toy Blocks app is the first release of the Toys App series, which aims to transform traditional games into genuine digital experiences.

Simply by touching the app on a tablet device, building bricks are animated and brought to life. The physical blocks interact with a camera in the app, which explores the themes and ideas related to the toys. Ships will be swept along by digital waves, while castles flourish with artificial flowers.

Designed to be played either alone or with family and friends, the Toy Blocks app is an easy way for children to learn and interact with others.

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Dom Carter
Dom Carter is Creative Bloq's staff writer, news finder, and all round design fan. You'll usually find him drooling over screen prints and coveting more notebooks than is practical.