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Stylish news app aims to trump Buzzfeed and Reddit

newsful app

Will this app be the start of sharing and discovering news differently?

There's no denying that the way we view, read and share news stories has changed over the years. Social media now plays a huge role in the popularity of stories and the creators of this latest, beautifully designed product has taken that into account and produced a news app that takes inspiration from the likes of Buzzfeed and Reddit.

Newsful uses a set of filters based on an article's relevancy and social popularity, combined with an individual user's interests and their history of using Newsful. The app then streamlines the constant flow of news articles online into a simple, clean format that's easy to use. The app utilises a simple contrasting colour palette and its icon has more than a nod in the direction of MC Escher.

The news stories you receive will be those tailored specifically to your tastes and interests - could this become the best way to read, share and discover news from around the world? Newsful hopes so, and its attractive app adds much to the user experience.

For more information, head on over to the Newsful website.

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