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Nike app encourages designers to go green

Branded sportswear company Nike might be thought of as the leaders of naked consumerism - but they're clearly keen to show their nurturing side too. As an example, they've launched Making, a free app that reveals the sustainability of every clothing material you could possibly think of.

With sustainable design at the forefront of the Nike team's mind, they developed the extensive database of materials over an eight-year period. So, now designers can be totally aware of the impact of and difference between using cotton, wool, hemp and pretty much anything else you can make apparel out of.

"We believe it's time for a new age of design," the Nike team comment on YouTube. "An age where sustainability isn't just an added benefit. It's built into all products, right from the very beginning." The app is a great step in that direction, and wonderfully executed too - check out the cool transitions as you swipe around the interface.

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