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AROUND THE BLOQ: The Designer's Guide to London, character design and much more!

The Designer's Guide to London

Heading to London? Make sure you read this guide of the city's top restaurants, nightlife, design landmarks and more, as recommended by London-based designers.

Create patterns with fun and movement

Rebecca Shaw shows you how to make and repeat directional shapes to build a swirling pattern using the Pattern Creation mode in Illustrator CS6.

Building your own widgets

Léonie Watson of Nomensa explains how DIY widgets can still play a significant role in overcoming barriers to accessibility.

Super CG: Five awesome Superbowl ads

Every year the Superbowl brings about expectations as high as, well, the Empire State Building. And that’s not even to do with the game being played! Yep, the commercials alone are awaited with baited breath and critiqued with equal fervour.

Commercial character design

Faced with a tight brief from a client, many character illustrators create their best work. Explore the unique challenges involved when clients and characters meet.

35 brilliant Pinterest boards

Pinterest is a brilliant place to get visual and creative inspiration - but where do you start? Here are some of the best Pinterest boards covering a range of design topics.

Using animations for 'delightful' product pages

Amy Marquez on designing good user experiences for product pages using triggered CSS animations.