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Comic book for the blind offers tactile experience

Hands reading the braille comic book

Being huge comic book fans here at Creative Bloq, we were intrigued by interaction design student Philipp Meyer's experiment in creating a tactile comic that can be enjoyed by visually impaired people.

Working closely with Nota, a Copenhagen-based organisation dedicated to improving the lives of visually impaired people, and a braille proofreader, Meyer created a short story using simple shapes and forms.

After testing a series of prototypes, both digital and physical, on both visually impaired and sighted volunteers, he printed the final version using special paper from Nota that keeps the braille dots for longer, and used leporello folding to minimise distraction on the part of the reader.

Labour of love

It's an ingenious idea, and it's clear this was a total labour of love for Meyer. After reading his extensive project notes, it's obvious the designer researched every aspect of it with meticulous detail to ensure the best possible outcome.

Many born-blind readers may never have come into contact with the comic medium before, and although this project was strictly an experiment we're look forward to seeing whether Meyer and/or other designers can progress the idea further in the future.

A double page spread of the braille comic

Two simple shapes in the braille comic close up

Another page in the braille comic

Another closeup of the braille comic

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