Behance portfolio of the week: Mike Campau

Mike Campau is creative director and lead artist at Michigan-based image design studio SeventhStreet Studio. With over 15 years experience in graphic design, CG and image design, Campau has developed an enviable talent for creating beautiful pictures.

Specializing in hybrid imagery (photography mixed with CGI), Campau has worked on projects for many leading brands, including Pepsi and Sony. His digital images have also featured in various publications, such as Computer Arts magazine.

Campau's portfolio is full of stunning digital images. Here, we've selected five of out favourites, but head to Behance to check out a fuller selection of his imaginative and inspiring work.


Ice Cube shows off his love for NFL team the Raiders in a recent campaign for Pepsi

Campau and advertising photographer Tim Tadder recently collaborated on this Pepsi Anthems campaign, which paired up NFL players and recording artists. Tadder shot all the players and talent while Campau prepared CGI backgrounds for them to be composited in to.

Motion in Air

The sculptures surrounding each dancer are fully CG

We just love Campau's Motion in Air series, which freezes a moment of time in a dancer's aerial manoeuver, and turns the movement into static sculptures that represents their motion and style. The set includes both contemporary and street dancers. Just beautiful.

Stay Green. Go Red.

Campau developed this brilliant poster design for SeventhStreet's 'green' campaign back in 2008

Campau was the man behind this brilliant poster and wallpaper design for SeventhStreet's marketing campaign encouraging people to recycle old images and create new ideas. He even went as far as developing a second version with a dark background, which uses less energy.

Human Displacement

A highly creative piece of work. That we're pretty sure will give us nightmares tonight!

This human displacement project may be slightly chilling but there's no denying the obvious amount of talent and creativity that went into it. Campau comments on his site, 'This series of images makes a statement about the human form and the effects of nature, society and surrounding environments. In each case the human form was created in 3d, posed in a sexy or heroic position and then disfigured by a displacement map created from natural and man made elements. The final image results in something that is grotesque and beautiful at the same time.'

Stride Gum: Trance

Campau created quirky CGI characters for a Stride Gum print campaign

And lastly, but by no means, least is this quirky print campaign for Stride chewing gum. Campau was responsible for the CGI aspect of the project, which involved turning human's faces into that of a trance. Insane but very creative.

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