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Behind the scenes of The Great Gatsby's typography

The great gatsby typography

Like Minded Studio created the display typeface for Baz Luhrmann's movie

Fans of 3D movies are currently flocking to the cinema to see Baz Luhrmann's latest film The Great Gatsby. It's a great movie for all sorts of reasons - but what caught our attention most was the stunning use of typography to bring the period feel to life.

Like Minded Studio, based in Sydney, was the agency behind the project, with an aim to realise Luhrmann's vision and develop a bespoke Deco-styled logo reflective of the roaring '20s.

the great gatsby typography

The typeface was inspired by the deco alphabet designs of K.H. Schaefer

They also had the task of creating the all-important display typeface to accompany the main branding.

Inspiration for the bespoke typeface came from the deco alphabet designs of K.H. Schaefer. Developing a system to combine solid and pinstriped characters in sequence when typing out words, Like Minded Studio customised and refined the letterforms to reflect the design of the main logo.

The Great Gatsby typography

The branding was used across all promotional devices including this window display

The final titles and logo were further rendered in 3D by Deva Studios to create a signature style for the movie.

The design has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Personally, we love the the studio's decision to focus on the 'Gatsby' - allowing the name to be instantly recognisable whilst still including the full title. The studio went through a number of drafts when creating the branding, as can be seen in the sketches below:

Great Gatsby typography

Great Gatsby typography

Great Gatsby typography

Great Gatsby typography

Great Gatsby typography

Great Gatsby typography

See more work from Like Minded Studio over on their Behance page.

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