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The business card you'll never lose!

Xtra Space business cards

We want one of these clever cards!

When it comes to design pitches, the best ideas are usually the simplest. And here's a great example.

Xtra Space, which provides storage facilities throughout South Africa, asked Y&R, South Africa to find a way to demonstrate the benefits of its services. The idea they came up with was to design a business card that people could use to store their other business cards.

This has two obvious benefits. Firstly, it demonstrated what the company had to offer in a instantly understandable way. And secondly, people would be much more likely to keep them because they'd be of such practical use.

Xtra Space business cards with other cards inserted

Y&R took the idea of storage and ran with it

We love the design too - the plain and simple cardboard aesthetic is clean and modern-looking. The designer at Y&R was Gareth Owen
and the copywriter Nkanyezi Masango.

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