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Carlsberg: why design is more important than ever for drinks brands

In the above video, Jessica explains that from where she's standing, the world of drinks branding is completely changing - and it's good news for designers.

"For alcoholic beverages, it used to be that advertising was key and design fell somewhere at the bottom of the interest pile," she recalls. "But suddenly, with more and more restrictions around advertising, the one thing you do have is design and packaging - and that can go everywhere. Suddenly, design is the most important thing."

She goes on to give her take on the value of a strong designer-client relationship in general, and how she works with long-term collaborator Spencer Buck at Taxi Studio in particular. "We don't think of it as client and agency - we approach projects as co-creators," she explains. "As soon as you start to box yourself in like that, you're on two sides. We're on one side together."

Jessica and Spencer will join forces to explore the challenges facing drinks branding in more depth at the Impact Conference - a new one-day event from the makers of Computer Arts.

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