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Creating the brand identity for a sports team

My brief was to design a brand identity for a youth mountain biking team based in London. As they're based in an urban environment, this team needed an aggressive logo so they'd be taken seriously when travelling to rural events around the country.

When designing a newly launched brand, it's important that you sit down with the client and work out exactly what they want from the project. I normally take down key words for their core values and brainstorm from there. For example, for this project I took down the words: fun, passionate, aggressive, young, eye-catching and bold. The only thing the client insisted on was that the logo's colours had to be red and black, because no other teams in their league had this colour scheme. We also agreed on cream as an accent colour to provide more versatility in using the design.

In this tutorial, I'll lead you through everything from designing the logo to setting brand rules. We'll also look at creating other elements such as team uniforms, helmets and merchandise using your designs along the way.

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