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Find out how you long have left to live

Do you drink? Do you take drugs? Do you consider yourself obese? Do other people consider you obese? How many sexual partners have you had? At what age did you lose you virginity? Was money involved?!

Diesel is getting personal in its new interactive campaign. Fill in a short but intimate questionnaire – measurements, diet, how often you exercise, bowel movements – and it will calculate how many days you have left to live.

Once you know exactly how long you have before you bite the big one, you can begin to "live every day to the fullest." That, Diesel say, is the message behind the ad.

Creative challenge

The campaign, created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, was directed by Anthony Dickenson of Pulse Films, alongside digital production company Storythings.

"It was clear from the start this would be an extremely challenging project because I was very aware of all of the interactive advertising that has failed to give a fresh user experience,” says Dickerson. "The major challenge you face when creating an online interactive piece is loading time and accommodating for the variety of devices potential users have.

“Storythings did amazing work pushing these boundaries toward the most efficient approach," Dickerson says. "Working with HTML5, we treated the footage as a string of stills, a filmstrip that could be scrubbed through by the user, which suited me perfectly as much of my moving image work is based around digital still sequences.”

The campaign is supported internationally with TV ads, online content, point of sale promotions and a social media campaign.

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