How to master the art of feminism in branding

The feminist movement has once again gathered momentum in recent years. From the first former First Lady running for President to OITNB's Matt McGorry's 'Free the Nipple' media storm; cinema championing female protagonists in Suffragette, Mad Max and Ghostbusters; while Patricia Arquette's powerful Oscar acceptance speech in 2015 brought equal pay into the spotlight. That same year, the banning of female genital mutilation in Nigeria was a profound step towards women regaining ownership of their bodies.

As landmarks continue to be made the world over and female confidence rises, the attraction to jump on the 'feminist bandwagon' is proving too good an opportunity to miss. For brands authentically aligning their goals with those of feminism, the reward can be powerful for both brand and consumer.

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Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton is a strategic planner at bluemarlin.