Rebranding the American Presidents

Meg Jannott created new "brand identities" for 44 Presidents, starting with Washington

With America obsessing over its forthcoming Presidential election, design student Meg Jannott wanted to give the country's past presidents - from George Washington to Ronald Reagan - their own modern-style visual identity.

38th President Gerald Ford gets a bold logo based on his initials

Currently studying at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, this was a personal project for Jannott, who says that she limited herself to an hour or two on each image, focusing on one President every day for 44 days.

Harry S Truman's gets a slogan that may have offended some voters at the time of his election

As Jannott herself admits, the results are variable. But some of the designs work very well, with some inspired typographic treatments bringing ageing images to life and giving them a refreshingly modern twist - while still evoking the feel of an earlier era.

JFK's visual identity harks back to the optimism of the space race era

You can see the full 44 new visual identities for past Presidents at Jannott's Tumblr blog.

Roosevelt's rebranding makes good use of nostalgia-tinged typography

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What do you think? Would the great men of history have approved - and would they win votes them were they running for office today? Let us know your views in the comments!